UPCOMING:  Collaboration with textile designer Lyza Baum. 

Sitter : Site, for Our Trails

Growing up, I was instilled with this belief of developing a connection with whatever land you happen to live on. I was told doing so would be healthy for me, even though I didn’t believe it yet. This volume of the 'Sitter : Site' series explores an empty plot of land in Vermont and a family's beginning steps towards making a plot of land a home. 

Sitter : Site, for the Unseen

The interactions you or I make towards the land & the Earth establish a ratio of connectivity from person to place. This volume of the series 'Sitter : Site' explores how distancing yourself hundreds of feet from not only the ground, but any sign of natural life, leaves you with nothing but open air. What does this do to you mentally, physically, emotionally?

Warm Regards

A series of miniature books that challenge how a story with no provided direction is read and understood. Constructed from a large grid template with perforated edges at the borders of every image and text box, people were asked to rip out a path from the template and fold it into their sequence.

UPCOMING: Alice, a story that pays particular attention to the uneasiness of the earth below us. 

Sitter : Site, for Our Oak

Sitter : Site features the stories of places I gain access to by happenstance. Perhaps the most happenstance place is the one none of us choose when we are born: our own home. In this volume of 'Sitter : Site,' I question my roots and where my need to understand concepts of land and land ownership originated. Everything can be traced back to home, as I soon discovered. 

Sitter : Site, for a Freemartin

With this faith in mind that we form a connection with whatever land we happen to live on, I have grown to find myself drawn towards aspects of how to live in relation to neighboring natural elements. Within each of our worlds, there exists a not always delicate balance between assimilation and manipulation of native surroundings. This volume of 'Sitter : Site' explores a couple's path of learning to raise goats as a means to cultivate and sustain their land, as well as their love that grew for their newfound family. 

Survey from Svalbard to the Vault

As a preliminary experiment with my images from Svalbard & the Global Seed Vault, I fastened miniature booklets conveying an eleven image sequence of the Vault and its presence within the larger landscape.