Didn't think I'd be gone this long.. better roll with it!

Logging back online: here I am, stationed at my new desk in Manhattan, where I'll be calling home for at least the next year. I came here with a bag of clothes and books on my back, and now I'm working at the photography book Mecca known as Aperture

With creaky floorboards and photography books falling off the towering shelves surrounding me, I think I'll get along here just fine. It definitely didn't hit me how incredible it would be to work here until a few days ago... things had been moving so fast that I didn't have time to digest. The next few months are already scheduled to work with photographers I've been looking up to for years, names soon to come! This will be the kick in the pants I needed to get back into my own work as well, which has even reenergized to be the earliest morning riser in Brooklyn.  

One thing to expect to hear about the next time we speak: books, books, poor artist jokes, and more books.