Working as a Global Citizen

The more assignments I take on the East Coast, the more I’ve been thinking, “Why not just live here year round?”

On yet another escapade to the East Coast for a few freelance photo jobs, I’ve started to scope out the real estate scene in NYC from Astoria (Queens) to Brooklyn to the unobtainable Manhattan rent prices. What I’ve come to learn is that finding an apartment does not happen over night…

While I flip-flop in search of a place to call home, I was lucky enough to partner with citizenM hotels and take refuge in their Manhattan location for a few days while I gained my bearings and endured a very unexpected blizzard as well! citizenM & I exchanged tales of my experiences in Manhattan and discovered how their location is prime for visiting artists and art enthusiasts like me.

You might think Midtown is too bustling and central of a location for you to rest, but after working with citizenM, I can say I was lifted out and above the spectacle of Manhattan and had my own apartment to breathe. 


Waking up in Midtown already put me at the center of every direction I would need to go. Whether I was visiting friends in Brooklyn, photographing in the East Village, or exploring Central Park, nothing was out of reach for me. I was at a spot where almost any major train is within a few blocks, which made cutting through Manhattan a breeze. An added bonus was having MoMA down the street filled with one of the world's greatest collection of artist books, which I visited twice because I had so much to see.

And then the blizzard loomed... Not so surprisingly, the city refused to come to a complete pause, despite the rising snow. Though driving was discouraged, no one could stop the other 'citizens' and I as we ventured in and out of our Midtown fortress to take a quick dive in the snow mounds, before retreating back inside. Nothing quite like coming in from the snow and watching it fall with a cup of coffee. 

Thankfully, this blizzard gave me an excuse to have a bit of time for myself and kickback while working from the perches all over the hotel, high and low. It reminded me I should kick-back and relax more often! 

citizenM is originally a Dutch company and they have locations all over the world... I hope to work with them again when I'm on my next project abroad!  

Where will I wake up tomorrow?

Where will I wake up tomorrow?