Freitag x Vasilko Feature

Very excited to see my feature on Freitag's website this week! When Freitag originally heard word that I would be traveling to Norway to research and document the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, they jumped at the chance to help me make the trip possible. Their gear carried me through some rough terrains and I'm thrilled I could take their products to places it has never been before. Check out the feature here:

Side note: Something that didn't receive as much attention was my short residency at Zoku Amsterdam, a new hotel aimed towards global entrepreneurs. I alongside the Zoku marketing team flagshipped a Zoku Artist in Residence program. Starting from my long-shot of a proposal in which I suggested free living in exchange for bringing photo & design skill into the Zoku branding, we created a program that will continue to host artists from around the world. In return for using their talent to beautify Zoku and spread the Zoku idea of gathering and exchanging ideas between global guests, artists will be given the space to pursue their own creative endeavors in Amsterdam.