Lost & Found Pieces Coming Together

I often allow images and other content to stew & sit out-of-mind for a while, offering some time for reflection before drawing final conclusions about what the content conveys. I recently came across a short 9 second video on my phone that captured the accumulation of rain & melting ice waters at a time when Svalbard should have been well into its winter weather patterns. But as a changing climate looms, areas like Svalbard are some of the most drastically impacted. For me, this clip is a powerful memory from my time in Svalbard. 

I'm thinking of how stills or textures from this video could serve as a possible design element moving forward. At the time, I didn't think anything of this video, but now it may end up playing a role after all. It goes to show you never know what you will and will not use when out in the field gathering content & material.  

If I ever am fortunate enough to return to Svalbard for a longer period of time, I'm thinking a series of smaller videos of that paths from running waters could make a powerful blend if they were displayed in sequence or several videos displayed at once.  

Going into Svalbard, I was so focused on the one entity of the Vault that I didn't foresee how many other moving parts to the region were all in sync with each other; if one part fails, then so does the Vault. Rising temperatures and increases in rain pose a threat to the Vault and the ecosystem of the island. I'm excited to tell the story of the island and arriving at the doors of the Vault amidst an unknown and unsure landscape. 



I'm also starting to think about possible type faces that I can use to write the introductory text and explanation of how I came to find myself in Svalbard in the first place. I sorted out images from the Island that had peculiar and striking text examples, but also text that derives from places integral to the history of Svalbard's. The following four images are from the coal mines of Svalbard, which were the main reason people came to settle there. 

Here's a peak into part of the layout map that I think only I can read.. might look like a chopped up mess, but this thing is a very useful sequencing cheat-sheet for me as I connect image to image. 

As a side note, my good friend Philipp from Svalbard has been bringing his Svalbard guiding business to fruition, and I'd love to help him get the word out farther. If you're looking not only for a one of a kind adventure of intense hikes or husky sledding expeditions, I would tell you that you have to go to Svalbard and my man Philipp is the guy to give you a personal and extraordinary guided adventure. Check him out & get to planning a trip you won't regret. So lucky to have met him, and I can't wait until I get to go back! Here is his site: