This is the nook where I settled since graduating from RISD and where I'll return post-Norway. (Departure for Norway is Oct. 12). It's my little cottage turned into a studio space back home in north Chicago. Although it's no wider than your typical car and can only fit about 7 standing people comfortably, this is where I will be bringing my images and ideas back from Svalbard and making them into something tangible for anyone who's interested to experience. It's more than enough space for me to meander and fiddle around until this project is done and I'm off on my next pursuit. 

I hope to have some sort of small show opening (most likely early December, no worries the studio has toasty warm heating!) to showcase some of my favorite images from this small part of the world that is doing more so for our future than many of us know about. This, however, will be decided much later down the line... let's make it to Norway and back first. Here is a peak of the space that I've been renovating since graduation.

Great big shout out to all the craigslist sellers, relatives, and alleyways for giving me the furniture and pieces I needed to pull this studio together. Most of all thanks to Greycork for the couch that I can now offer as seating for visitors and collaborators to the studio! 

**amazing what a wide angle lens can do to make the space larger**