Where have you been, Mister??

I bet you thought you were done with me, huh? Well, think again!!  I'm back, out of hiding, and here to cook up all sorts of treats from my trip to Svalbard & the Global Seed Vault. I may have made a pit stop or two.. or three.. before returning home, but now it's time to start of the fire and head to the studio! 

My head is pulsing with memories not only from the Seed Vault and everyone I met in Svalbard, but from the exhibits, artists, bookstores, and sights throughout Scandinavia that have inevitably affected how I want to approach not just my Svalbard book, but future projects as well. As you see below, my studio tables, floors, and just about any vacant flat surface are covered in small test prints to help me see connections between images that I might not realize from simply looking at them on a computer screen. Move an image here, swap some from left to far right, overlay a few and then realize it looks ridiculous and put them all back, and then try again... that's how it goes and what the next few days will consist of. Before I think about structure, I've got to think about story & sequence; my three "S" policy, if you will.  

Though I'm still coping through the mental headache of sequencing and establishing a book of the Seed Vault and its relation to the landscape, I've begun to give myself exercises in experimenting how the images can possibly coexist with each other. The first experiment is taking form in a 12 image accordion narrative that navigates in and out from the front doors of the Vault to the greater region of Svalbard; where the images take place in proximity to each other isn't so much the focus, more so its the rich array of color, texture, and echo of the region where the Vault resides.

Through the chaos of unpredicted warming temperatures at the time of my visit to Svalbard and how future occurrences of this warming climate might affect Svalbard, I'm definitely going to heighten the theme of a landscape in distress and confusion in the final product. Navigating through Svalbard, taking you on a blind pursuit..

If you're viewing this on a mobile device, rotate horizontally to get the full width & effect of the images:

Behold the template image that I'll carve my first set of experiments out of...