Reunion in Køpenhavn

It was up to me to defend the honor and pride of my friends in Norway and Denmark, answering to which country will reign superior. The more I spoke with Norwegians and Danes, the quicker it became obvious that these two have some issues to overcome, but it was fun to watch them diss each other nonetheless! 

Ever since the recent oil discovery and subsequent wealth that has skyrocketed Norway's economy (a discovery that the Danes had searched for themselves in vain), it simply ruptured the already simmering tensions between the two. Whether it be language, look, cities, demeanor, wealth, and all else that neighboring nations can dispute over, these two countries seems to have a lot of beef for being in one of the supposedly " happiest" ranked regions on Earth. 

*side note* I met a Swede in Denmark and he was upset that I wasn't going to experience Sweden and its role in the Scandinavia trilogy. I explained that if I had a friend or a freelance job there, I would run towards Stockholm in a flash. Had to make sure I put it out there that I'm well aware of Sweden and its own role in the spat for Scandinavian national pride. Next time.. 

Anyways, when I arrived in Copenhagen, the Danes already had the upper hand over Oslo simply because an old friend of mine, Mikkel, lived there. With the help from a local, the city didn't feel daunting or intimidating at all. I knew with Mikkel's help, I was able to see into corners of the city that your average tourist would never find, thank God. 

Speaking of the Lord, as I hinted to in my last post, my friend Mikkel has begun his education towards priesthood. If you know Mikkel, you'll know he can be just as blunt and fierce and at times... umm, well, non-priest like..  ;) but he has the passion and faith that is already getting his name out into the local churches that will hopefully admit him after university. Studying theology at the University of Copenhagen, he still has 6 more years between completing his current studies and practicing the courses and lessons one needs to be admitted as an official priest of the Church. Though, with the governments generosity towards its university students (they literally pay you to go to school) I'm sure it won't be as stressful and worrisome of an experience like so many of us had/have in the States..

Not just education, but the entire city/state system in Denmark is everything that we imagine it to be, looking much more after the people and less at individual wealth. And in a city as beautiful as theirs, it made it hard to leave. 

So, to answer the present day age-old question of who beats who in the Scandinavian pride, well, I can't say for sure! You'll have to jet-set to here and judge on your own. 

Final destination: Amsterdam. Not sure why it took my 22 years to final depart to this city, but I'm sure ready.