Ode to the Country Life

This past Friday, I attended the opening of a new exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo. Over the course of the proceeding weekend, I couldn't stop thinking about one of the exhibiting artists, Ester Fleckner, and her words: 


Relation. You talk in a way that I don't know but that I'm missing. You talk about belonging differently. I bike through the city with my eyes closed or almost. I think about images one can recognize oneself in or not. I think about family trees and having read that it demands synchronicity with the patterns and rhythms of a place to feel that one belongs. I want have a relation to you and understand that we already have one. 


As chance would have it, I spent that weekend navigating a small town in southern Norway with longtime family friends of my mother that I had never met before. Amongst these new strangers now turned friends, I realized so many of the things that we've shared all along. Not just our hobbies or how we take our coffee in the morning, but the things like the type of humor we draw from and the details in a home that make us both feel like we belong. A friend of a family is someone who can show up out of the blue and proceed as if it has always been like old times... 

This certainly was one of those times, which made for the perfect weekend.