Cover Design Collaboration

The greatest thing about having gone to RISD is the amazing network of friends and alumni that I'm lucky to know or to be connected with through friends.

When it came down to brainstorming a cover design for my Global Seed Vault book, I found an illustrator through a friend who happened to have graduated the same year as me; her name is Gracey Zhang.  

Our design came about through a desire for simplicity and organic form. I searched for something that would capture an essence of why the vault exists while in an illustrative style that would tie into the visual content of the book. 

The book (according to the daydreams in my head) will be a visual pathway through natural formations and detailed textures, suddenly being pierced by the abstract form that is the Vault in the landscape.

The vault is a stitching to a a greater wound, hopefully strong enough to patch the problem of potential global crop destruction. You can't tell if the slash in this design is slicing the circular landscape in half, or if it's the only thing holding the two ends together.   

I think Gracey's style speaks the most truly towards this notion of a clash of climates with man-made error.