Fiber Tough

It takes a lot to go off on your own in search of fulfilling an idea or a goal that you yourself are not too sure how or why to pursue. The moment someone else begins to believe in it, though, the greater the feeling you have when your mission takes off. I sincerely want to thank Pendleton & Freitag for sponsoring my trip and providing me with the clothing and travel gear I will need to get my equipment and myself through Svalbard and beyond. 

I have been a Pendleton poster child from my first vintage wool coat that I managed to thrift in Chicago. 

Since then, I have come to know just how warm their Oregon wool is and how perfect their clothing will be for my base layers in the cold. So much commercial clothing today is based of acrylic and other non-organic fibers that will fall apart over time, but I know the quality and durability of Pendleton natural wools is the reason their shirts and jackets will last me far beyond Svalbard. 

Equally so, I have admired Freitag for its creativity of repurposing materials to create some of the sturdiest and most unique travel bags on the market. By reclaiming seat belts and used truck tarps from the tops of European semi trucks, they created a series of bags that soared in popularity around Europe. I'm lucky enough to use their product line to ease my travel and organization.

It seemed only suiting I represent brands that are working in their own ways to create natural and sustainable products as the Seed Vault works towards its own framework of environmental sustainability and awareness.