I Found Jesus in Oslo... And A Whole Lot More!

Upon walking into my Airbnb in Oslo, I was surprised to come across Jesus as one of the first people I met! Though my Airbnb family is not so much the religious type, their apartment is adorned with peculiar finds  in the oddest of places, which is probably why Jesus didn't feel too out of place in the overall scheme of things. He has been posted above bed, watching me pile one too many artist books and Norwegian wool sweaters into a suitcase that was already filled to the brim with my winter clothing from Svalbard. It's a secret between me & him & Oslo. 

When it came to exploring the city, I didn't have many expectations. It happened to be one of those cities where I knew of no contacts or friends with previous travel experience. From what I've come to understand, Oslo has had a massive turn in recent economic growth that led to many new opportunities to reinvigorate the city. Other than the artist book stores and gallery openings that I had bookmarked, I wanted to find a few more local treasures and places to get a better sense of the growing city. I've loved having the chance to relax and simply watch the city go by and soak in what it feels like to be a city Norwegian. These people know how to have a good time, and not work too much! 

Scroll down to see some sweet sights and hopefully it'll get you thinking about coming to explore Norway and Scandinavia as a whole on your own! 

I'm off next to Denmark so I can catch up with an old friend, Mikkel. And as fate would have it, he is studying to become a priest in Copenhagen, so it looks like Jesus and I will cross paths again soon. Until then! 


Well... I think this spot sums up Oslo's out of the ordinary and lovable personality. This unique sculpture park is Gustav Vigeland's lifework of more than two hundred sculptures. The layout and installation of the park was completed in 1949, making this a pastime for Norwegians to visit ands stroll through ever since. 

How I feel all the time. 


This had been at the top of my list of places to visit ever since I left for this trip. Ekebergparken has over 3km of trails that take you in and out of the local woods and open fields, scattered with sculptures and installations that span 130 years of European history, from our contemporary period and back. A clear favorite of mine was Dan Graham's Ekeberg Pavillon

Oslo at Large 

Take a view into my sights and sees along the way as Oslo began to feel much more  like a home than a host. 

Man down. 

THE art store, Kem. 

5PM rush hour.