Artist Feature: Dyveke Sanne

One very fortunate artist will have their work stand the test of time alongside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. As I discovered more about Norwegian law, I learned there must exist some sort of public art collaboration when the government invests a significant financial sum into a project. For the Vault, it was going to have to be an artwork that could endure the rigorous climate.

Dyveke Sanne's work Perpetual Repercussion has become the glowing beacon that calls visitors from below up to the front doors of the Vault. I was transfixed by it's glowing light before I even began to realize the overall structure and form of the Vault itself. Since the Vault is built high into a mountainside, the light is what you stare up to as the road winds around the mountain bends and you inch closer and closer to the Vault. The soft cyan haze settles onto the surrounding landscape day and night. Though I was not lucky enough to be in Svalbard when the Northern Lights are out and at their strongest, I know Sanne's installation is meant to compliment and mimic the true colors of the Northern Lights as they rush overhead.

At first, I didn't realize an artist was commissioned for this specific portion of the Vault, which is why I wanted to make sure I gave her this small shout out and wish her a job well done.